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Most of you probably also read my crowdfunding on my webpage. First of all, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it whether you did or didn't donate. And special thanks to all of those bringing me closer to my goal. I am looking forward to show my bike whenever I bought it for real.


For now, some of you already asked me to give an update about the progress of my crowdfunding. I am more than happy to say that it went above my expectations. To be honest, I was quite scared when I published my funding. It also took a while before I finally made the decision to put it online. Credits to my friends, family and colleagues to push me out of my comfort zone.  I was worrying about the reactions of people and it was my first experience with fundraising. Luckily, most people were positive and enjoyed my blogs and I also learned a lot of the whole experience.


Now it's time for an update about the current standings of my funding;

  1. 13 people will receive a postcard from New Zealand, all with a personal thankyou message.
  2. 10 bets on my finish time have been placed ranging from 4h 28 minutes to 4h 56 minutes. I guess most people have high expectations and I can't wait to put in the hard work. I already started with building my training load, of course with ups and downs, towards the 2020 season. Later on I will write a more detailed blog about my current trainings.
  3. My new bike will take me everywhere in the Netherlands, ranging from Maastricht to Leeuwarden. I am lucky to ride 820 KM one-way (1.600 KM if I also ride back) and deliver cookies to 10 different places. The longest ride will be about 180 KM to Leeuwarden or Maastricht, depending on the route I take (and whether my navigation skills will let me down again). Can't wait to combine my passion for baking with cycling. Also a good way to get used to the challenging position of time trial bikes. I hope everyone will like my cookies as much as I do. 

4. During the World Championships, I have to put my best race face on and make sure I smile

    on my race pictures to honour everyone for the sponsoring and to put them together in 6    

    photo collages.

5. I feel honoured to say that I got into a partnership with companies. Each of them will get a special spot on my tri suit, which is still under construction. I am proud to announce my collaboration with the following companies:

Last but not least, also thanks to my friends and family who helped me a lot as well.


For those who still want to support me, press here to read my crowdfunding.


To sum up: 

  1. Feel free to place a bet on my finish time. You are still having a 10% change of winning running shoes for about €150! That is probably a higher chance of winning than in the casino.
  2. Want to challenge me even more and raise my biking distance to the next level? Let me bring you delicious homemade cookies!
  3. Do you want me to promote your company? Contact me for the opportunities and I am looking forward to a collaboration.


Thanks for reading!



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