Want to be part of the journey to the World Championships and help me achieve my dream? 

Combining my full-time job at an insurance company and 15-20 training hours a week requires a well-balanced training plan and a lot of love for the things you do. Every day I try to be the best version of myself to become as good as I can be in triathlon. My dream is a qualification for the Ironman World championships at Kona and one day to become a professional triathlete.


Not only time-wise but also money-wise, triathlon can be a demanding sport. From high registration fees, multiple running and cycling shoes and a lot of food, you got to love to spend money when doing triathlon! Luckily it gives me so much in return. For example, the endorphins of a hard swimming session early in the morning help me through a demanding day at the office. And the medals earned can be used as free decoration in my house. And not to forget, the friends I made while training or competing help me whenever things get challenging. 


In order to achieve my dreams and remain competitive, I am looking for companies and organizations that want to collaborate with me and help me achieve my goals.


Are you someone or do you know someone who wants to start a partnership with me, I would like to get in touch with you to talk about how we can work together! Possible collaborations are, for example, your company logo on my trisuit or promotion of your products on social media.


If you want to help me one step closer to my goal, you can also fund me below!


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