Support me to help me along my journey to become a professional triathlete

To realize my dream of becoming a professional triathlete, I still have a few steps to take. As soon as I want to take the next step into the professional field, I want to be ready for it. My goal is not only to be at the start line as a professional, but also to be competitive. To achieve my goal and dream, there are several challenges to overcome as the PRO level is rising every year as well.


To be fully focussed on training and give myself all the necessities to be ready for the PRO field, I am looking for companies and organizations to collaborate with to be part of my team . These collaborations will help me to invest in, for example, swimming training, cycling improvements, training camps and races.

I believe that as a team, we can both be stronger and every athlete needs a good foundation to make his of her dreams come true. Part of the collaboration is thus doing something in return besides making your company of organization part of my journey to my dream. Cooperation must come from both sides to get the most out of it for both of parties.


There are various options in return. On the one hand, I can promote your company or organization through promotion on my social media account with around 12,000 followers and a high engagement rate. There are also options for your logos on my tri suit and on my training clothes to make me shine with your companies logo during every race and on every picture.


On the other hand, a healthy and vital lifestyle is essential these days for optimal wellbeing. To promote a healthy and vital lifestyle within your company. I want to engage your employees to be more active and inspire them with my story of combining a professional career and sports at the highest level. We are all very busy these days, but a healthy lifestyle and demanding job can enforce each other. As I love to be competitive, it is also an option to participate in a running or cycling event with your company, to encourage employees to set a goal and to work for it.


Overview of possible activities:

  • Exposure on my social media account with around 12,000 followers and high levels of engagement
  • Your company on my trisuit and training equipment
  • Running or cycling at an event with employees of your company to promote vitality
  • Blog regularly on your web page of intranet
  • A presentation at your company in which I tell my story to inspire employees

I am open to other ways of collaboration if you have a nice and enthusiastic idea. Then I would like to get in touch with you! Send me an e-mail on or leave a message here.

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