One step closer: an update on my training progress

Gepubliceerd op 26 januari 2020 om 21:08

Now offseason is officially over and my first running race of the year is coming up on Sunday, it is time to give an update on how my road to the World Championships is progressing. I am happy to say that, thanks to my sponsors, I am writing this blog while looking at my newest asset! Yes yes, it did happen! I am the proud owner of my first Time Trial Bike. And it is even more beautiful than I expected. Meet my Liv Avow Advanced Pro I! Special thanks to Plieger Wielersport for supporting me, the great service and bike fit to increase my aerodynamic position.

This week I finished my first Zwift ride on this shiny red machine. I must say that I still have to get used to the time trial position, but that is supposed to be normal. Luckily, there is still some time to ride it indoors before going outdoor. On the other hand, I can't wait to take it out because I am curious how fast it will take me! Until that moment, I will keep practicing on the position to make it feel more natural. Overall, my first impressions of the bike are great. The DI2 is just amazing and I am sure that I will hate it the first time the battery is drained. Because I know that will happen one day. Note to myself: recharge it often! 

When I am not riding my bike, looking at it is also satisfying. I guess that is the benefit of living on your own in a small apartment. There is no other space to store it properly other than the living room. It is a good spot for one of my most expensive assets in my house. And it gives me some motivation while studying. 


Besides cycling, swimming and running is also going great! Swimming 4 to 5 times a week is finally paying off! It also happens that swimming is one of my favourite things to do during these cold and dark days. As swimming progress goes slowly, you should be happy with every second. And for me, actually enjoying the swim is another win too! By the end of last year, swimming was frustrating because I was not going as fast as I wanted to. Each swim, I got angry and demotivated. Luckily I got over it, and most days, a swim is my perfect way to start the day! Ready to keep practicing and hopefully eventually reach the goal of a sub30-half ironman swim. 


The funniest thing to say is that the run is actually the one thing I struggle with most nowadays. Not due to injuries, because my run's are almost pain-free (except the fact that my foot pain changed from my right to my left foot, but there was nothing to worry about according to my physiotherapist so I keep that in my mind). But caused by the fact that I am not so much a winter person! Each run, I am wearing multiple layers of clothing and still freezing my ass off. Even gloves don't make a difference. Let’s just say I just need something to complain about. From now on, I am counting days till I can run and wear shorts and maybe even complain about the heat. 


Overall, building up my training hours feels amazing. My body is finally getting used to it and feels in a good balance. Just a few more months to get stronger and now already super excited to ride my first triathlon on my new bike! Now that most of the races are already full, I finalized my race schedule for 2020 with 4 half triathlons in total! Super excited for the last one of course. Check my schedule/results page to see where you can support me! Or compete against me :) 


Next up: Apeldoorn Midwintermarathon 8KM on the 2nd of February. Let's see if I still complain about the cold after my race.


And if you still want to support me on my road to my dream; check out my crowdfunding to help me get all my gear up and running! Take a chance to win those running shoes! Very thankful for every little donation! 


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