Another destination, but the same goal!

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Bad news

Last time writing, I was still dreaming about a World Championships early 2021 in New Zealand. That dream unfortunately didn't last that long. As the pandemic is still around us and everything is still unsecure, the cancellation of the Ironman 70.3 in Taupo 2021 didn't come as a surprise. Receiving the e-mail felt like a confirmation and the only good decision to make at this point in time. As most of us, I love certainty and being in doubt takes a lot of wasted energy.

St. George I am coming for you!

Luckily there will be a moment when the whole pandemic will be under control and our lives can go back to normal. When that moment will be is a question some people try to answer and the answer we would all like to know. Answering the question is just a gamble. And as much as I love to gamble with money, I now try to focus on the things I can control. Ironman gave everyone qualified for the Ironman 70.3 WC 2020 two options. Either racing the World Championships in September 2021 in St. George or in December 2022 in Taupo. As much as I would love to do both, I prefer racing in St. George because I don't want to wait another year to participate in the World Championships. And I must admit, I love the USA and I don't mind doing another roadtrip along the West Coast. The only thing sometimes popping up in my head is whether it will be possible to go to the USA and race under normal circustamnces in 2021. Whenever the question pops up, I try to remind myself of the first few sentences of this paragraph. Focus on the things you can control! For now I am super excited to go to St. George! And as time flies these days, September 2021 will be around here fast anyway. Different destination, but the goal stays the same! 


Training update

Must admit, the whole situation also brings some opportunities. Working from home increases the work-life balance and increases my average hours of sleep during the week.  As we all know by now, resting is my weak spot. Despite the increase in traininghours compared to last year, my body never felt this good. Putting in the hard work feels easy and the training sessions fly by fast. In contrast to most people, I enjoy training with the sun burning in my face during a heat wave. I wish these hot summer days can stay forever. Well, I have to say that the temperatures these days make it even harder to rest and therefore I am craving for a few colder nights. 


Of course it's hard to say how fit I really am without the possibility to do a 'real' race. Luckily all tests show that I improved a lot and that I am in my best shape ever. Whenever it is safe to do a real race, I will be ready to swim, bike & run faster than ever. Whether this will happen on the 4th of October in Hoorn is still the question. Given the information I have today, the race is still planned to take place. As that is the best information we have, let's keep our heads up! I am off now for some rest because I definitely want to rock my bike session tomorrow! And, as you can see on my pictures in this blog, I am still smiling a lot and enjoying every swim/bike or run as much as before the 'bad news'.

Credits to Rob Sportfotografie for the amazing pictures!

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Pascal De Sanctis
4 jaar geleden

Supertof! Ik wens je veel geluk en plezier. Stay Healthy!

4 jaar geleden

Qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Unbelievable, breathtaking and it gives me goosebumps. Focus on the things you can control...well said and inspiring. Great pictures, fantastic outfits, and an amazing outlook. I'm rooting for you, Kyra!